Happy project introduces itself as a supporting subject to all related business to provide qualified services to children and families segment, paying special attention to fun and food, and to catering and entertainment services.
Our goal is to make children happy through projects and consultancy services conceived for our clients throughout all stages: from the operational feasibility analysis and financial budgeting, to architectural design and furniture, to the service management settings through all its features, staff training, events planning.
This ultimate full spectrum working capacity gathering several complex skills into a whole vision, tailor made which represents our additional benefits in comparison with a playground or inflatables dealer, an architect firm, a children entertainment company, a caterer.

We build indoor and outdoor playground areas, also traditional or multimedia didactic day care centers, hotel and theme restaurants, food and entertainment formats for different targets and needs.
We provide both consultancy services and partnership for public and private institutions, design studios, entrepreneurs as long as the goals are shared: making a children and family-oriented world.

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