The brand HAPPY PROJECT holds a group of companies, most part of them reporting to Micci family. Each one of them has its own specialization and is connected by a common vision, by a single passion, by a common working method, by the same management and operational process, with an experience acquired in the customized projects sector, especially for children and families underlining food and play, restaurant and entertainment as their main attraction and social development.
Children and their families are our main target; we are convinced that it’s worthwhile investing on them pragmatically and professionally and helping to create a friendly welcoming world.
There is still a lot to do in this field against a growing request.
Customers’ (children and their families) needs are constantly evolving and are waiting for innovative satisfaction to their needs.

This perception brought us to develop skills and operational models, which were translated into:

a. Customized turnkey projecting tailor made, with different levels of complexity throughout all stages. We both address to final clients and customers, architect firms and design studios interested to invest into this segment

b. Consultancy services for different target markets and needs

c. Operational models applicable to different sectors with dedicated brands:

  1. The creation of digital and traditional playground areas with our brands Happy Goal and Pinocchio Kids

  2. The format creation to make a family-friendly accommodation sector with Hotel Fantastico

  3. The format creation for innovative theme restaurants with the brands Osteria di Pinocchio and Pinocchio Happy Food

  4. The format creation for catering industry in order to make family friendly existing restaurants   -   ristoranti già esistenti

  5. Family events creation such as  Play and Replay e Fantastic Chef

  6. Fantastic bedrooms creation for hospitality and accommodation industry with our brand Sogni Fantastici ( Fantastic dreams )

  7. The creation of a place to live and host, creating roots, links and synergies with our Relais on the Lake Trasimeno banks Il Cantico della Natura

This fantastic life experience allows us to keep our child’s spirit closer to our main target, and to create innovatively and originally for our customers, adapting to different needs and requirements, to collaborate by supporting and customizing proposals, creating trademark nets and formats in Europe.


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