Differentiation from competitors and offering new services is key for either retailing (big brands) or medium small sized in every sector, which, with a limited or modest investment, are able to appeal and create customer loyalty, making a unique point of purchase thanks to a special corner for kids. This one will incite families’ choice towards it and promote, thanks to entertainment, a long stay in the premises. Therefore, it will influence adults’ purchase volume.

  1. Happy Goal: interactive recreational area, screen printed with themes, fully customized shop symbols, logos, pictures customized in a small place to entertain children independently and to offer an innovative service, easy to install, also moving, consistent with the furnishings avoiding creating a special space.

  1. Customer loyalty program card. The use of Happy enables retailers to create customer loyalty: family customers can be profiled and are reachable with direct marketing strategies and with a special website even at home to offer services and products and thus creating loyalty to the brands.

  1. Special entertainment events for families with a specific format and with the purpose of promoting attendance and consumption.

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