The arrival of internet for hotels, resorts and cruises has changed the differentiation and specialization needs with the purpose of satisfying different customer segments. Family with children is a main target for Hotels and family resorts and a significant secondary target for those business-oriented, to work with during the weekends and summer holidays.

The tourism travel or family sojourn are deeply influenced by the presence of proper structures and special services, especially advertised through internet , which if innovative and appealing, can originate important family flows in search for children new experiences.

The offer includes a whole set of modular services, enabling each hotel to choose which service to offer with relation to own strategies and characteristics.

  1. Welcome screen printed board with picture and personalized wooden hotel logo or hotel chain to hang on the walls in the reception area (approximately size 1,20 mt width and 1,60 height)

  1. A touchscreen monitor 21” can be added to the welcome board to introduce all the Kids services (including also Hotel’s services in general), a video presentation, some regional events and children services, as a welcoming front desk with high impact and technological use.

  1. Fantastic menu for children, including N 8 courses/recipes, specially designed in collaboration with a dietitian and set in terms of scenic food presentation displayed on : 1) hotel symbols and logo 2) dishes and recipes based on theme upon hotel request using mostly regional/territorial ingredients:

a) Recipe creation and settings in terms of themes and scenic food presentation

b) Nutritional analysis and ingredients selection, with the perspective of quality and quantity, in collaboration with a nutritionist, nutrition facts.

c) Recipe design and preparation

d) Graphic design which goes together with every course including a photo and a data sheet.

e) Graphic settings for the chef data sheet (photo, nutritional features, recipes, graphic elements) and the menu and possible posters to be exposed in the children area to emphasize the cooking approach and the focused service.

f) Delivery of printed publication (a guide in a case for both clients and kitchen) two copies for each hotel.

  1. Chef training (1 day/person) involved in the Fantastic menu.

  1. Fantastic theme napkins for children to play with and to paint while they’re waiting for the meal, garnishing the table and making family meals more easy-going and available for use.

  • Graphic elements and games production and ready to use graphic composition. Printing and first supply of 1000 pieces/each hotel.

  1. Theme accessories and fancy dresses (caps, hats and other) especially for the Hotel in order to ease fun and socialization among children and to dress up their selves with main character mask.

  1. Baby crib Kids Room

Wooden crib screen printed and customized for the Hotel

  1. Kids Room wooden boards

Kids screen printed wooden board with pictures and personalized wooden hotel logo to hang to the wall in a corner of some of the family bedrooms with a special hook (approximately size 1,20 mt width and 1,60 height) where it is possible to add the latest performing x box version.

  1. Happy Goal: interactive recreational area , screen printed with themes and hotel’s symbols to be customized in a small place to entertain children independently and to offer an innovative simple baby club service, easy to install, also moving, consistent with the furnishings avoiding to create a special space and avoiding to engage further staff.

  1. Happy Food: fantastic restaurant corner to add to the Hotel restaurant for children with personalized furniture and the restaurant settings.

  1. Baby club recreational area with personalized furniture for spaces and hotel symbols and based upon requirements subject to further check.

  1. Food area adjustments/modification (restaurant and bar) both in terms of theme furniture and service, a fantastic offer focused on families. All that is possible through the whole modification of the place otherwise through the corners addition for cooking and distribution. Staff training and services planning.

  1. Complete bedroom or corner inside the existing bedroom with a theme offering a real true “Fantastic Hotel””

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