Public areas with high attendance (from airports to train stations and hospitals) have always needed services for their own customers. Airport and train stations while passengers are in transit need to be entertained and promote the stay and purchase.

Hospitals instead have double role:

  • As a place to host hospitalized children, in care of wards and with medium- long stays.

  • Highly attended places for families in common areas and visiting hospitalized patients.

It is of key importance to make a welcoming friendly atmosphere for children with play and entertainment features, cooperating also with the therapeutic treatment path.

It is possible to operate in the common areas through:

  1. Happy Goal: theme interactive recreational area screen-printed and fully custom made with symbols, logos, the venue’s images, to include in a reduced space to entertain children independently and to offer an innovative compact simple service, easy to implement, also movable, consistent with the place’s furnishings to create a real true special place.

  1. Happy food: fantastic and fast restaurant corner with a focused offer including high quality hamburgers and sandwiches, it also allows labor cost savings and higher quantity of meals supply in reduced time.

  2. Baby club recreational area equipped with custom-made furniture

Exclusively for hospitals.

  1. Fantastic children menu , made up of 8 recipes, studied by a dietitian and set in terms of scenic display: 1) hotel symbols and places 2) theme dishes and recipes with territorial ingredients the so called 0 km:

a) Dish preparation and setting from the perspective of the theme and food presentation

b) Nutritional analysis and ingredients selection, quantity and quality features, with a Nutritionist, nutritional facts list.

c) Recipe preparation

d) Graphic design for every dish/recipe to go with the data sheet and photo.

e) Graphic settings for the chef data sheet (photo, nutritional features, recipes, graphic elements) and the menu and possible posters to be exposed in the children area to emphasize the cooking approach and the focused service.

f) Delivery of printed publication (a guide in a case for both clients and kitchen) two copies for each hotel

  1. Chefs’ training ( equivalent to 1 day/person) 

  1. Happy Kids Room panel/board

Screen printed kids board with picture and Hospital customized wooden logo to hang on the walls in the bedrooms corner with specific hook (approximately size of 1,20 mt wide per 1,60 height) where the latest performing version can be included.

  1. Complete furniture for Fantastic bedrooms for children of our customized Sogni Fantastici line.

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