Traditional restaurant and catering industry is experiencing a deep crisis period. Nowadays most part of customers choose a welcoming and original place to eat, healthy quality food but also easy and fast to consume, at a competitive price. Restaurants need to distinguish their selves, to differentiate the business from competitors, to innovate with unique offers both appealing for families and young people, our main targets.

This offer includes a whole set of services to make the restaurant both in terms of architectural design and of image and services provided, strongly appealing for families but also for young people thanks to the theme and the particular atmosphere. Services are modular and adjustable to the strategies and the restaurant investment capacity.

  1. Wooden screen printed board with images and customized logo(wooden) to hang on the walls of the reception area (approximately 1,20 mt width and 1,60 height)

  1. A touchscreen monitor 21” can be added to the welcome board to introduce all the Kids services, a video presentation, some regional events and children services, as a welcoming front desk with high impact and technological use.

  1. Fantastic menu dedicated to children, including N 8 courses/recipes, specially designed in collaboration with a dietitian and set in terms of scenic food presentation displayed on : 1) the structure’s symbols and logo 2) dishes and recipes based on theme upon hotel request using mostly regional/territorial ingredients:

a) Recipe creation and settings in terms of themes and scenic food presentation

b) Nutritional analysis and ingredients selection, with the perspective of quality and quantity, in collaboration with a nutritionist, nutrition facts.

c) Recipe design and preparation

d) Graphic design which goes together with every course including a photo and a data sheet.

e) Graphic settings for the chef data sheet (photo, nutritional features, recipes, graphic elements) and the menu and possible posters to be exposed in the children area to emphasize the cooking approach and the focused service.

f) Delivery of printed publication (a guide in a case for both clients and kitchen) two copies for each hotel.

  1.  Chef training (1 day/person) involved in the Fantastic menu at Best Western offices in Italy.

  1. Fantastic theme napkins for children to play with and to paint while they’re waiting for the meal, garnishing the table and making family meals more easy-going and available for use.

  • Graphic elements and games production and ready to use graphic composition. Printing and first supply of 1000 pieces/each hotel

  1.  Happy Goal: interactive recreational area , screen printed with themes and hotel’s symbols to be customized in a small place to entertain children independently and to offer an innovative simple baby club service, easy to install, also moving, consistent with the furnishings avoiding to create a special space and avoiding to engage further staff.

  1. Wider Children Area: wider children area with tables and chairs, an area where children can eat autonomously and independently from parents.

  1. Happy Food: fantastic restaurant corner to add to the existing furniture and spaces.

  1. Complete tailor made “turnkey” furniture (both indoors and outdoors playground areas) suitable for spaces available and with symbols chosen by every single structure to make it a single unique area on the basis of specific requirements and subject to further check. The supply includes both furniture and equipment inside separate operational service modules and to be combined in different formulas ( adults restaurant, children restaurant, bar, ice cream shop, hamburgers & sandwiches, pizzas, grilled meat)

  1. Specially formulated offer including procedures and operational material to organize, promote and manage birthday parties for businesses interested in entering this segment in a very organized way.

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