Shopping centers, outlets, parks and big commercial areas aim at catching the families’ attention in order to entertain and make them stay as long as possible. Regarding our leisure time to spend, malls squares have replaced our town squares and become essential for customer acquisition as they make them appealing with children areas (we all know nowadays that children can influence significantly on adults’ choices), with specific services, with events.

All that is a main attraction created, a public flows increase, a family service with relevant visits and consumption boost (children are entertained and looked after and adults are free and concentrated on purchases) permanent contact with the target through a profiled communication system enabling to communicate and create customer loyalty, offering services and products.

Happy project starting point for malls and commercial areas is the flow analysis and performances and room availability to design a specific project putting together several elements.

  1. Happy Goal: interactive recreational area theme screen printed including Shopping center’s symbols, logos, pictures to add to one or several special areas to entertain children separately and to provide an innovative simple and compact service, easy to implement, also moving, consistent with the architecture without engaging an ad hoc space and also the staff.

  1. Customer loyalty system. The use of Happy enables the shopping center to create a customer loyalty card: our family client is profiled and it is possible to reach it with direct marketing actions with a dedicated area in the website and at home to sell products and services, creating customer loyalty.

  1. Pinocchio kids: traditional recreational areas (integrated with multimedia recreational Happy area) including baby parking services.

  1. Happy food: a Fantastic restaurant corner or fast food completely integrated to the existing furniture with a focused offer including high quality hamburgers and sandwiches frozen supplied and ready to cook with a great deal of costs and labor costs savings and the possibility to supply a high number of clients fast. Subject to combine depending to the Fantastic cuisine moments.

  2. Entertainment events with special formats for family targets and with the purpose of attracting flows and consumption within the shopping centers.

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