Theme restaurant in Pizzeria version or complete Restaurant version including several formats (Adults restaurant, special children area , hamburgers & Sandwiches, pizzeria, bar, ice cream shop, Gift and brand toyshop) modular and customized depending on the venues dimensions available, strategies and our partner’s investment capacity.  

Pinocchio is the subject chosen as a fairy tale symbol but we can also implement with our own design theme restaurants on every subject upon request, coherent with all its details.

Watch the presentation Osteria di Pinocchio

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Also available the Agrihotel for venues in rural areas – Watch the presentation

Cooking for children should be healthy and tasty, but also fantastic, thought and conceived through their eyes helping them to eat and grow in good health.

This is the reason why we have created theFantastic cuisine and the Tell-a-story menu surrounding fairy tales to children while they eat creating daydreams and marvelous imagination.

We design Fantastic meals for your hotel or restaurant based on your choice’s theme or subject.

Download Pinocchio’s Fantastic cuisine presentation

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A dedicated Format to this fast and dynamic type of food, always carefully dedicated to families.

Watch the Pinocchio happy food presentation

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Fast and dynamic format, Italian fast food based upon the most requested and consumed ingredients (wooden cutting boards with deli, pizza, hamburger and sandwiches) always careful to families thanks to a multimedia playground area.

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